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Retro Game Pack

"Supernova is yet another program that was groundbreaking in its time. The program engine provides for 3D sprites, power-ups and flying space boulders. It is mildly reminiscent of the old Asteroids arcade game, but surpasses it in many ways. Supernova uses triangular shapes to emphasize the experience of flying through space.
     Unlike other space shooters that gamers might come across, Supernova uses ship formations that move according to where the player's ship is located. In other games this is known as "smart monsters," or opponents that automatically center on the players location and visibility. Such advancement is seen very often in games like the modern dungeon crawlers and/or the recently popular adaptations of paper-and-pencil style fantasy games. What I have never seen before is Dataware's use of "smart monsters" in a game that is accessible for families who have children. In other words, this game is still unique, revolutionary and just as pleasant that I am sure that it was when first released. It took a lot of talent to create such a game. Somehow, I feel that it really deserves a place alongside Dataware's very best."
-- Tukwila, Washington, USA

"Stamp Pad is an amazing program for many reasons. The game starts by giving the three options. There are many choices about how to build an image. You can save it and then use it later in a rather entertaining session of pasting your custom image all across the game screen along with other stamps. I would compare it to a mini graphics program that comes automatically with a certain popular operating system, but it is much better than that. Stamp Pad allows the user to create images and not just drag the mouse across the screen to create squiggly lines and circles. The program lets you create unique images that can be used in the final stage of pasting the pictures onto a picturesque background. In addition, the program comes with many preloaded "stamps" in files that the user may load and use for a quick game. The pre-made stamps are organized into different topics to make it easy for the artist to grab stamps from several different sets and make a sort of picture on the Stamp Pad.
     The program seems a bit dated, but it really isn't. A game is always a game and this one is fun, interesting and addictive. There's just not enough time in the day to see what Dataware has been working on through the years. This program represents an incredible knowledge of computers and creativity in an age that was just getting out of the text-only mindset. Somehow, I thought that this program gave the inspiration to make "Sticker Book," but here the user gets to design an image dot-by-dot and color-by-color and then use the stamps like the they were stickers in the "use the stamps" option. "Sticker Book" has the fun of pasting stickers onto a scene accompanied by bright playful music.
     This game is also very for kids and adults. For kids, it is a fun way to make neighborhood pictures and holiday scenes, but I was especially fascinated by the program's ability to create very intricate shapes and pictures that the kids can use later. The simple beauty and intricacy of this program is not confined to the early years of windows. It is one of those "timeless things." Dataware should have been more famous for this one."
-- Seattle, Washington, USA

"Letter Drop and Letter Drop 2 are a couple of very fun games that have a high level of fun and replayability. The game plays like Hangman, only you have to help a plane land by figuring out a word, and every time you get a letter wrong, part of the plane's fuel runs out. The words range from three to six letters, and you get ten misses allowed. The game is great for teaching vocabulary, and is non-violent to boot. But don't get this game confused with a children only game, it provides a challenge to teenagers and adults also. Many times I was stuck with two or three letters left and the real word was completely different than what I was sounding out in my head. Overall, this is a great game, and with over 1000 words that do not repeat in the same game session (unless you go through all 1000 in one sitting), it is sure to keep you playing for a while."
-- Barberton, Ohio, USA

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