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Stay in control of your finances with Checkbook, a transaction register you can use to keep your checking account reconciled (balanced) so you know exactly how much money you have available at all times. With Checkbook for your desktop or laptop, you can maintain a record of your transactions, including deposits, checks, debit card purchases, money transfers, and withdrawals, as well as automatic bill payments and mobile deposits, which are easy to forget. Mark off the items in Checkbook that are shown on your account statements, then Checkbook will check to make sure your account is balanced. With Checkbook, you can track your spending and never overdraw your checking account because you forgot about a payment or ATM withdrawal. It also allows you to catch bank errors, which although rare, banks generally require you to report within 60 days. You can also identify fraud or unauthorized transactions quickly. Without the learning curve of a complicated accounting program, you can get the job done. With Checkbook, basic money management is at your fingertips.

Download Lite Version

Lite Version:  Fully functional - One account limit; limited features.

Complete Version:  Fully functional - Additional features include unlimited accounts, printing to PDF, account backup, restoring accounts from backups, backup reminders, password protection, account renaming, exporting account data to text file, renaming accounts.

Account Transfer from Lite Version to Complete Version:  The account you create in the Lite Version will not be lost when you switch from the Lite Version to the Complete Version. It will transfer automatically.

Latest Version:  6

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