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The Retro Game Pack is a collection of 9 classic games from the early days of Dataware. The games included in the complete version of the Retro Game Pack are Ant Attack, Find the Flag, the original Fire Fighter, Letter Drop, Letter Drop 2, Sliding Puzzle, Stamp Pad, Supernova, and the original Winged Warrior. Download a free trial version of the Retro Game Pack that you can use indefinitely!

Each game is playable in a small window or full screen (by selecting ALT+ENTER when the game is loaded).


The complete version of Retro Game Pack is included in the Dataware Game Pack.

Trial Version:  Fully functional, shortened versions of the games. Sliding Puzzle and Find the Flag are not included in the trial version of the Retro Game Pack.

Complete Version:  Fully functional, complete versions of the games. Sliding Puzzle and Find the Flag are included in the complete version of the Retro Game Pack, which is included in the Dataware Game Pack.

Ant Attack

Giant ants have taken over the earth! You must use your bulldozer, ant spray, and water bucket to gain control over the ants before they reach picnic baskets.

Find the Flag

Find the Flag is a simple matching game in which you match pairs of international code flags and pennants before the red flag reaches the bottom of the flag pole. Note: Find the Flag is only available with the complete version of Retro Game Pack.

Original Fire Fighter

In this action packed game, you must put out fires before the fires destroy the houses. The fires will spread rapidly, but you use your ax, hose, and shovel to gain control of the fire. Your job is to extinguish all the fires.

Letter Drop

If you are familiar with the classic game of Hangman, you'll have no trouble playing Letter Drop. The rules are the same, but your mission is different. You are training to become a letter air drop qualified pilot. Your training consists of air dropping cargo (letters) to exact locations to form words. Complete 20 missions to earn your wings.

Letter Drop 2

In this sequel to Letter Drop, you get a completely new set of words. As with the first game, this one is played like the classic game of Hangman in which you guess letters to form words. Same game, new words, more fun.

Sliding Puzzle

Sliding Puzzle is the computer version of the classic tile game that you hold in your hands and slide around the tiles with your thumbs. And as with the hand-held version, you won't be able to put it away. Note: Sliding Puzzle is only available with the complete version of Retro Game Pack.

Stamp Pad

Stamp Pad is a paint program that is easy enough for kids and fun enough for everyone else. With it, you can do a variety of creative activities: create pictures--then erase characters and re-position them for creative fun; design buildings, vehicles, and landscapes; duplicate video/computer game characters and action scenes. Or just create stamps and stamp them around on a page.


It is your job as a starship pilot to destroy octahedral crystals that are causing the supernova of the sun. As you travel to your destinations, you will receive resistance from those in the galaxy who have other plans. Battle your way through space to complete your mission in this 3D shooter.

Original Winged Warrior

Written in 1995, this is the original first game in the Winged Warrior series. Years later, it was rewritten for Windows, but with this version, you get to play this role-playing game as it was originally designed.


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