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If you would like to write a review of any of the Winged Warrior Series games, please send your review along with your place of residence to reviews@datawaregames.com. Thank you!

Winged Warrior Series

"I have been searching for this game for the last decade and the last leg of the 90's. I remember this being one of the most fantastic games of the PC, and I can't wait to start replaying them for a burst of well needed nostalgia."
-- Rockford, Illinois, USA

"I LOVE the Winged Warrior games. The new graphics of Winged Warrior 3 are great! Easy enough for beginners, just right when you don't want to spend days and days playing a game. Only one complaint - they aren't long enough!"
-- Corunna, Michigan, USA

"I enjoyed playing all three of the Winged Warrior games and would like to see a fourth in development."
-- Fall River, Massachusetts, USA

"I love all three of the Winged Warrior games and I hope the fourth one will be out soon. I really like the new graphics on Winged Warrior III."
-- Cleveland, Ohio, USA

"Ok, you did it.....I am hopelessly addicted to this little guy. I recently bought the 3 pack and have played and solved all three of them and I want MORE. I see that you're developing sequel #4 to be released in 2007 and I'm so happy but sure wish it were sooner as I can hardly wait for it to come out. Please get this message to the author and developer......This game is just wonderful. No blood, no gore, no immoral undertones; just good clean fun and strategy. By the way, I'm a grandma and just want to say.... Keep up the good work!!!"
-- Waterford, Michigan, USA

"Winged Warrior III is an amazing conclusion to a wonderful trilogy of games. The characters are creative, and the plot gives you the most flexibility I have ever seen in an RPG. The new additions to the gun are great, and Winged Warrior gets to look better than ever. Training is possible several times throughout the game, and the end is fantastic!"
-- Monticello, New York, USA

"I have found the Game Pack (Winged Warriors) to be lots of fun for all family members. Nothing is violent for any, young or old. I am extremely pleased with the product."
-- West Salem, Wisconsin, USA

"Overall, the games are a little bit too easy, but just as addictive. And as someone who ordered the original DOS version in the year 2000, I see plenty of improvements in the remastered edition. (The only real problem I have is the warrior's walking speed; in the original DOS version, it was too fast. Now, it's a little too slow.)
     One thing I will thank you for on the updates: When I originally ordered the games four years ago, the sound effects (in WWII and III) were a lot louder than the background music. (It was to the point where someone from three rooms away could hear it (if the speaker was put at a volume level that made the BGM the least bit audible). In the new version, they're now at a reasonable volume level.
     I started playing these games when I was just getting started on RPGs, and I had something simple to play. I was bored, looking through AOL Kids-Only section and managed to find these. I liked what I found in the shareware versions (III wasn't out yet), and mail-ordered to get the full versions. I was not disappointed, and counted down the days until the third installment came out.
     Keep up the good work. I'll be waiting for Winged Warrior IV, if it ever gets off the ground."
-- Saratoga, California, USA

"I like the Winged Warrior games because they are classical and fun to play for everyone. Winged Warrior I and II is look like classic 2D-graphics style while Winged Warrior III is modern 2D-graphics. Good job, Dataware!!"
-- Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia

"Add your review. Send it to reviews@datawaregames.com."
-- Your town, Somewhere

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