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Sticker Series

"My 7 year old is the one who loves the Sticker sheets. He creates scenes and then prints them out and makes books. However, this time around, my 3 year old has been enjoying it too! He LOVES the Puzzles - Totally has taught him to Click/Hold/Drag instantly, and we play the "concentration" Matching games together. THANK YOU!"
-- West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA

"I just downloaded the Super Kids Variety Pack and now I can hardly get my 5 year old granddaughter off the computer.......She loves it!! She makes up all kinds of stories about what is going on with the characters in the Sticker Books. Thought you should know that my granddaughter prefers your programs over her DS Lite that I got her for Christmas."
-- Medford, Massachusetts, USA

"My kids love your colouring books and sticker books. My daughter loves to dance to the music too!"
-- Paris, Ontario, Canada

"My daughter - Holly, age 6 - has been creating Sticker Book stories and using her imagination all this morning. She's in the garden listening to the birds and the music from Sticker book and having a wonderful time. Your product is delightful."
-- Swindon, England

"I downloaded this series tonight and I couldn't get my granddaughter to go to bed...she loves the Sticker book....we only got to play with one of them...Thank you so much...this is a wonderful addition for a 4 year old's computer games. I know she will get many years enjoyment from these."
-- Rockford, Illinois, USA

"I bought Sticker Book for my 4-year-old granddaughter and I had to say this is the best learning tool I gave her so far. With different scenes, like the sea, the farm, the playground... she has to think what sticker she should stick in the scene to make sense and that is exactly what I wanted her to learn. Thank you for a great product."
-- Costa Mesa, California, USA

"I enjoy all of the Dataware games. The Coloring Books are great and so is Letter Drop! The Sticker Book has been a big hit in my house. Both my 5-year-old and 9-year-old love it."
-- Ridgefield, Connecticut, USA

"Hello! My girls just love your new Sticker Book! They enjoy making their own scenes and changing them around. They are ages 3 and 5 and sit at the computer together and play. Thanks for this new addition!"
-- Smyrna, Tennessee, USA

"My granddaughter LOVES Sticker Book 4. She will be 4 soon and loves making up stories with all the fantasy people in the various settings. This is a wonderful product!"
-- Williamsville, New York, USA

"My granddaughter who is 4 loves the Sticker Books. She comes every other weekend and likes to spend part of her time on the PC playing with the stickers. Of course, we have to print out the ones she designs so she can take home to show her parents. She loves them! Has had many hours of enjoyment with them and never seems to tire of it. I would recommend them to anyone!"
-- Duncombe, Iowa, USA

"Add your review. Send it to reviews@datawaregames.com."
-- Your town, Somewhere

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