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If you would like to write a review of either of the QuadQuest Series games, please send your review along with your place of residence to reviews@datawaregames.com. Thank you!

QuadQuest Series

"I set out looking for the perfect classic turn-based strategy/rpg game and I found it in Dataware's QuadQuest series. I enjoy a simple game that is fun and challenging and can be picked up and put down on a whim - which is perfect if you are looking for a game to play in between calls in a call-center work environment, for example.
     The simple graphics hearken back to the 8-bit days, and the addictive game play moves as quickly or slowly as you like. This game is hard to put down and leaves you always chomping at the bit for the next spell or equipment or board.
     The Quest Creator is a lot of fun too! After you have beaten the games you can play around with creating your own personal opus of a board. Thanks Dataware!"
-- Nashville, Tennessee, USA

"When I first purchased QuadQuest II, I thought it would be a cheap imitation of the first game. I was very wrong. The game is still just as absorbing as the first. The ability to choose your character parties is a continued good feature. QQ II also introduces the Pardusian character class. Pardusians have skill levels similar to humans, elves and centaurs. They are very agile, intelligent and fast.
     As before, it takes time and training to build the skills necessary to set out on a quest. I remember spending countless hours training with the Jinni's training warriors to build cash and skills. Armor is expensive and so are good weapons and scrolls. I was not disappointed by this game at all (except that I didn't know what a Pardusian was)."
-- Seattle, Washington, USA

"This is a simple game, like in the early days of computers, but don't let that discourage anyone. A game doesn't have to have massive graphics to be good, and this game proves it. The programmers did a great job in balancing story, growth, adventure & fun. I really enjoyed playing this game and wish they would come out with a QuadQuest 2 :) [Editor's Note: QuadQuest II is now available!]"
-- Fort Worth, Texas, USA

"Add your review. Send it to reviews@datawaregames.com."
-- Your town, Somewhere

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