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Quest Creator

"Thanks for DATAWARE. [Quest Creator] reminds me of old retro computer games, just like 16-bit games. I love it!!"
-- Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia

"My dad ordered Quest Creator for me, it is the bestest game EVER!!!!!!! THE GAME IS THE BEST, SO DON'T GO CHANGING DATAWARE...I LOVE YOU!!!....well, your games!! lol"
-- Crook, United Kingdom

"When I first discovered Quest Creator, it was love at first sight. I spent a long time entranced with the easy and fun character, enemy, and item generation. Now, when I'm bored, I can still find fun in it, and sometimes will get a sudden urge to make a Quest. It's definitely the best Dataware game there is, which is really saying something!"
-- Bellevue, Washington, USA

"I was first introduced to Quest Creator when I was twelve. I have loved it ever since! With unique character and enemy design I was amazed from the first second! Quest Creator has so many options and features it is for everybody! I choose Quest Creator above all. Quest Creator is an adult and children’s must buy! Plus Dataware makes it easy to download and play!"
-- Reston, Virginia, USA

"Quest Creator is awesome. With a lack of money, I was looking for an RPG to buy. But then, I came across Dataware and found this! For only 15 dollars, I was able to create surprisingly fun RPGs! The only con was that you couldn’t link the levels together - but otherwise, it is worth way more then what I had to pay! Thank you!"
-- Niskayuna, New York, USA

"Once again, Dataware has made an excellent game that is appropriate for all ages in the family. The Quest Creator uses a very simple way to make quests that are fun to play and fun to share. The Creator allows you to create quests and adventures that are every bit as engrossing as are the 8 quests in QuadQuest 1 and QuadQuest 2.
     In QC, there is no Jinni and instead "The Town" is a place for players to get refreshed and ready for the next challenge to work with. Quests can have an infinite variety of creatures (though you can only add 50 enemies to an individual quest). Thus, there are still the 100 preset enemies to start with. Then, you can create any number of modified enemies (or Bosses) that you wish. In addition, a limitless number of levels can be created so this game is one of the most replayable games that Dataware has to offer. The greatest thing, I thought, was the ability to choose an object or treasure for the completion of the quest.
     You may have virtually anything as the objective. One option is to defeat an all-powerful level boss, like The Birdman in Winged Warrior II or Zoth in Winged Warrior III. You can also have items such as crystal balls, lockets, swords, gold pieces, scrolls and other items as the prize.
     If there is any pitfall in this game, it is that the levels of a quest are not automatically linked together as they are in QQ 1&2. The player has to reload his/her party and the next level every time he/she wishes to advance to the next scenario of the quest. The QuadQuest games advance the player to the next scenario while meeting with the Jinni and then, in turn, connect the party to the new location. There is truly no limit to the variety of fun you can have with this game. Fantastic job, Dataware!"
-- Seattle, Washington, USA

"Kudos on Quest Creator. I am 28, but never really got into video games except Atari 2600 when I was a kid, and I found your game on AOL downloads, and had a blast. I tried quad quest first, then creator, decided to get creator."
-- Atlanta, Georgia, USA

"I like the Dataware games. They add the awesome stuff I like about modern games with the old school feel. I really REALLY like Quest Creator."
-- Coon Rapids, Minnesota, USA

"When I first came across Dataware, I was looking for an engine to build simple rpg's. I purchased Quest Creator about two days after I tried the demo. Quest Creator reminds me of the great games that were available when I was younger. I've had it for over a year now, and I still play it at least once a week or so.
     The interface is easy to use, and the 40 (yes, 40) scenarios that come with it are pretty good, overall. If you're looking for a simple scenario creator with all the basics built in, give it a try."
-- Gulfport, Mississippi, USA

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-- Your town, Somewhere

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