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Modern Warfare

"Love the game! It would be cool if there were a sequel or something though or coalition forces. It would bee cool to fight with leopards, challengers, centurions, and typhoon fighters. It was a very fun game! Thanks so much."
-- Dripping Springs, Texas, USA

"After playing a trial version of Modern Warfare and thinking it was the next best thing to chess, I ordered and received the full version. After playing these modern full graphic games that are available today, I still like to play Modern Warfare. I don't like to buy anything over the Internet, so this was the only thing I have bought on it, goes to show how much I like the game."
-- Cairns, Queensland, Australia

"I love the game and think my money was well spent and am looking forward to Modern Warfare II. Your service is really excellent, hoping that there are more game companies like yours around in the future."
-- New Delhi, India

"It's very easy to compare Modern Warfare to SSI's historic Panzer General series of WWII war programs. In spite of this, there are huge differences between the two paradigms of warfare. Panzer General and its clones have the benefit of creating imaginative and exciting models of the historic battles.
     Dataware has mastered the art simulation with their method of reproducing actual historic statistics and data from real military equipment (i.e. T-55, MiG-21, 23, 29, F-16C, BMP, M2 and such the like). Early Avalon Hill PC games like Railroads Lands and Robber Barons, Flight Commander 2, Achtung! Spitfire, Advanced Civilization and other board-game adaptations reinforced the fact that historically and factually modeled games are more fun than arcade type games. Modern Warfare follows in this tradition and Dataware has mastered the form. I highly encourage a person to buy the full version because what is gained in extra units and more challenging battles is also encouraged in hours of mind stimulating game of strategy.
     In my opinion, Modern Warfare needs no second edition because the present edition is a tightly-packed, complete game. Where the game falls short is in the absence of a good campaign editor. Dataware created a wonderful campaign editor for the "Quest" programs that was well-done on its own. Modern Warfare needs to give its supporters some options in creating custom scenarios or even including a Play-By-Email option. Anyway, it is just another class act from Dataware. Nobody could make it better."
-- Tukwila, Washington, USA

"Modern Warfare is a war game that will immediately remind players of the famed "Panzer General" series. It is a turn-based game, with each side given a certain objective to complete in a set number of turns. It simulates a future war between the United States and China (which, unfortunately, could become a reality any day) over various targets in Asia. Two campaigns -- one for each side -- come with the complete game, numbering 20 scenarios a side. A wide array of forces are involved: land (from infantry to tanks to artillery), air (helicopters, jets and anti-aircraft) and sea (both surface and submarine force) are represented. As is to be expected, the scenarios get harder as a player progresses through each campaign, and some can go right down to the last turn. One variation on the above-mentioned "Panzer General" theme is that each side has a set number of forces in each scenario, so players must use their forces carefully -- once a unit is lost, it isn't coming back!
     For anyone looking for a solid war game experience, yet without a lot of fiddly details, "Modern Warfare" is sure to please. This game certainly lives up to Dataware's motto -- very easy to get into, very hard to stop playing!"
-- Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania, USA

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-- Your town, Somewhere

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