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Envelope Printer

"It's great being able to use an easy, reliable and useful bit of software to get my mail out ... especially during the Holidays! We downloaded the "Lite" version of the software and quickly knew we had to invest in the "Full" version ... there was ZERO learning curve and 100 percent satisfaction in the use of Envelope Printer. Sometimes a simple task like sending out cards can be tedious and frustrating ... but no more! thanks to Envelope Printer. P.S. After using computers for so long a person's handwriting can suffer and be almost illegible like mine! This was a real blessing!"
-- Aliso Viejo, California, USA

"I had a blowout on my computer and found out that XP was now obsolete. I lost my Publisher 2003. Checking for another version of Publisher I found that they would not download onto my new Windows 8. Not only that, but they were all quite pricey and had dozens of features I didnít need. So I downloaded Envelope Printer, Trial version and was impressed so I bought the full version. The price was right and the features I required were all there including some charming Art and Designs. Two fonts- Arial and Times New Roman. Just right. Real easy to use. and a professional layout. Thanks, Dataware."
-- Vancouver, Canada

"You are simply the best product for professionally printing envelopes - easily! It turns a chore into almost fun!"
-- Waterlooville, Hampshire, United Kingdom

"You have an excellent program here for printing envelopes, I screwed around with openoffice.org and several other programs for 4 months trying to print envelopes on my Windows XP computer, with no luck. The only message I'd get on the printer was "wrong paper" size and a blank envelope popping out of the printer, for awhile I was wishing I had my Windows 98 program back, never had any problems printing envelopes with that, but now no more problems thanks to you. Good job, very good program."
-- Penticton, British Columbia, Canada

"I love your Envelope Printer, it is fast and easy to use. Microsoft Word can be used to print envelopes, but it is too slow to start up for just a couple of envelopes."
-- Union Springs, Alabama, USA

"I was looking for my old envelope printer software company to help me redownload my license key. They upgraded the old program, and in doing so, they managed to delete my entire database with all my addresses! I contacted them and no response! So I decided to go online to find "any" envelope printer software I could find that had the same features as my old program. Not one envelope printer anywhere with the ease of functions your software has. I was truly impressed and bought your program 4 minutes after I downloaded the trial version. EASY to use, easy to save addresses, and easy for my wife also. Well worth the money! My entire family wants to thank you for program, you do not know how wonderful and user friendly it is. THANK YOU!"
-- Omaha, Nebraska, USA

"That is just not right! You managed to make this mundane, time consuming, frequently failing task so easy! I was so skeptical I didn't bother trying the Envelope Printer until tonight and I couldn't believe how easy it is to use. I couldn't make if fail! I have Office 2000 Pro, and Print Shop Deluxe and a variety of other programs for printing, but none this easy to use and fast loading. Plus, no matter how hard you try with any program I have used in the past, you average 1 bad envelope per 3 good ones. Either layout, or feed errors etc... but every envelope so far has printed flawlessly even using a custom return graphic or art. Great work! I just wish I knew how you figured out how to make it work so effortlessly, for the end user."
-- Willow Street, Pennsylvania, USA

"I am using the envelope printer program and it is hands down the easiest there is. I like everything about it. Keep up the good work guys."
-- Ontario, California, USA

"The new Envelope Printer version 1.1 is vastly improved to accommodate the needs of a greater and more diversified user. The art work is superb and uses bitmap files for better clarity and it is customizable to add ones own art work in the form of bitmaps. A truly easy and practical envelope printer that fits the needs of most people."
-- Witchita Falls, Texas, USA

"I am very satisfied with the software Envelope Printer. I am legally blind and use a screen reader for my computer and this software enables me to be independent about my correspondence. It has been very helpful."
-- Kingfield, Maine, USA

"I find the latest revision to the envelope printer fabulous. The additional sizes help me a lot. Thanks for the addition."
-- Sahuarita, Arizona, USA

"Add your review. Send it to reviews@datawaregames.com."
-- Your town, Somewhere

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