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Coloring Book Series

"We purchased the Dataware Coloring Book package a month ago and my grand kids have had a ball. They are ages four and five and have no problems using the software. It is simple but offers them a lot to do. Thanks for your products."
-- Montgomery, Alabama, USA

"Did you know that Coloring Books are very good for young and old to learn to use a mouse when they first start computering? I have the whole set and I rate them as excellent."
-- New Plymouth, New Zealand

"My son has been enjoying these Coloring Books since I bought them almost a year ago. He was 3 then and is still enjoying them immensely. If you want a fun and educational experience for your child, I insist that you give these a try. Thank you so much, Dataware!"
-- Jacksonville, Alabama, USA

"Coloring Book is a helpful tool for my Pre-K and Kinder classes."
-- Bishop, Texas, USA

"My kids still play with the Coloring Books at least 5 times a week! They love them!"
-- Fort Hood, Texas, USA

"This is such a great package....I have FOUR grandkids and they love to COLOR at Gram's house....and NO MESS for me.....just line them up for turns on the computer...LOL....Thank you so much!"
-- Columbus, Georgia, USA

"I originally purchased the Coloring Books for my grandchildren to use (along with a game package) and they have really enjoyed them all. The new versions of the Coloring Books are great and being more colorful on presentation are more enticing to the younger ones. I have found these extremely useful in helping a really young child to learn mouse movements, clicks, etc."
-- Jonesboro, Georgia, USA

"I have bought Coloring Books 1,2,3 and 4. It is the greatest program for small kids I have ever seen! My 3-year-old daughter is now teaching how to use it to her 1 1/2 y-old brother! She knows how to print, how to browse images, etc! Congrats for that great program."
-- Zurich, Switzerland

"We love the new look. My three year old thinks this is the best thing in the world and he picked up on how to use the mouse to color quite quickly. Thanks so much for some software that is easy for kids to use. I searched and searched for something he could use and would enjoy without getting frustrated. He has learned how to do it all, even print his pictures!"
-- Smithfield, North Carolina, USA

"My granddaughter loves her coloring and can never wait for me to start the computer for her to play. Thank you so much for your talent and love of kids to do this!"
-- Fort Worth, Texas, USA

"I purchased those wonderful Coloring Books from you for my goddaughter who thinks that they are great and keep her going for a good long time coloring and showing her art work to others. Of course I have to keep the printing down to save costs!"
-- Glenelg, South Australia, Australia

"My son was less than three years old when I purchased Coloring Books and he still enjoys coloring 6 months later. The package of software games are simple and fun to enjoy."
-- Dallas, Texas, USA

"A couple months ago I purchased Dataware’s Coloring Book Pack, 4 separate Electronic Coloring Books, for my 3-year-old granddaughter. Since then I have spent many quality hours with her coloring in these books. They are fun for the kids, but more importantly they help the kids develop fine motor control using the mouse and positioning the cursor at just the right spot. My granddaughter also just beams when she shows Mom or Dad what she did for them today. I highly recommend these Coloring Books for the young kids to get started with and start becoming familiar with the computer."
-- The Colony, Texas, USA

"I purchased the coloring pages and have 6 grandchildren who love them. It has also been a great tool in teaching two of the youngest to use the mouse and to learn colors. GREAT programs for the kids."
-- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

"We purchased the complete set of 4, and both our girls LOVE them! Keep up the good work guys!"
-- Livonia, Michigan, USA

"My 4 year old has been using Coloring Book 3 for a couple of years now and she loves it. She plays with it everyday, without any help from me or her mom."
-- Hobart, Indiana, USA

"I have purchased three coloring books. My kids love coloring them to print them out. There is a large variety of pictures with a wide range of colors to choose from."
-- Holiday, Florida, USA

"We love these coloring books! My oldest daughter who is 4 loves these coloring books. She has played with them on her own since she was 2 years old. When we first started using them we would use them with her. They are a wonderful tool to help children learn colors, to identify a variety of pictures from dinosaurs to flowers to airplanes and seasonal pictures. They are so much fun and can be colored over and over again. They are extremely easy to use and allow children to be creative."
-- Smyrna, Tennessee, USA

"These Coloring Books are really great. Both adults and children love them. My grandkids in America and my students in Africa and Romania. I loaded it on my laptop and my student get to color the pics when their work is done. I have even bought it as a gift. The four books is a great Package! By the way I can see my own personal growth demonstrated as I watched the books being colored. When I was a young parent to my two children I would insist they choose the right crayon when doing their coloring books. No pink grass here. Well now that I am a Grampa 4 times over I can enjoy any color grass. My granddaughter Lexie (1.5 yr) chooses to use black for the whole picture then discovers the pictures by randomly placing colors. They have wonderful freedom to choose colors Dataware books and Grampa encourages "now stay in the lines" (they just look at me and smile). Your coloring books offer creativity without requiring the dexterity of Rembrandt."
-- Targu Mures, Romania

"Our three year and three months old grandson has learned to use the mouse and color the pictures. We are amazed. THREE YEARS OLD ! ! ! ! !"
-- Key West, Florida, USA

"Coloring Book 12 is a terrific game for our children. It has pleasant, peaceful music (something that is helpful for young children) and a wide variety of colors and pictures to choose from. Even the shareware version was perfect for them. I think that the reason that it is so perfect is that there is no "correct" way to paint (i.e. blimps can be black and the sky purple with brown clouds). It was really hard to get the children away from the computer after they had learned the game and become thoroughly amused with the paint noises (sound effects). Somehow, I felt that this would also be a good office job "time waster" game because there are so many different ways of shading and coloring a picture. There are a lot of interesting things for an adult to do. The problem? There is no "boss button" that minimizes the coloring window when you must go back to work without being caught."
-- Tukwila, Washington, USA

"I love the Coloring Books. It was my daughter’s first try at the computer. Even though it has been years, she goes back time and time again just to "chill" and relax coloring."
-- Springfield, Massachusetts, USA

"We purchased all the Coloring Books for our son, who is autistic, these Coloring Books are a great aid for increasing hand eye coordination and extending concentration span. We have recommended these to many other parents. Well worth the money."
-- Eastbourne, East Sussex, United Kingdom

"Add your review. Send it to reviews@datawaregames.com."
-- Your town, Somewhere

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