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We hope that by including customer comments on our site, we will provide you with information about our software and services. If you have purchased software from us, we would love to have your comments included on this page. Please send your comments along with your place of residence to comments@datawaregames.com. Thanks!

Customer Comments

"It's extremely rare to do business with people who are as courteous and professional as datawaregames. Be assured that I will recommend you all to everyone I can."
-- New London, Connecticut, USA

"My two year old granddaughter loves your games! She has Coloring Book 2, the Puzzle Game, and quite a few trial versions of other games. Not only are the games fun for my granddaughter but they also help her to control the mouse. I appreciate all of your hard work and your games are the best!"
-- Fredericksburg, Texas, USA

"I just want to let you know, you are the best on line site that I have ever dealt with. I have lost my games a couple of times and you are very good with your support. THANK YOU VERY MUCH."
-- Wharton, New Jersey, USA

"Your [kids] programs are so wonderful! Thank you - I homeschool and these work great for both my 3 year old and my 6 year old!"
-- Orlando, Florida, USA

"You guys blow me away. I have been a programmer for over 35 years and I have never, never found a software shop that treats their customers like you do. I hope you are having lots of fun and making tons of money!"
-- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

"I appreciate the kind of games that Dataware makes. I love to play Modern Warfare and the Winged Warrior Series. All my blessings are with Dataware. I am looking forward to the releases of Modern Warfare 2 and Winged Warrior 4.!!!!!!"
-- New Delhi, India

"At last a software supplier who replies to emails!!!!!!"
-- Chichester, England

"Thank you very much for your continued consideration and support after my purchase of the Finance Pack. Your willingness to help is quite uncommon in the field of online purchasing and I appreciate it!"
-- Edmond, Oklahoma, USA

"Your games are fun. I "LOVE" the nostalgic feel + the "fun factor" the games have. A lot of the newer games can get annoying. Thanks for being so reliable. I've been a fan for over 4 years, and wish you'd crank e'm out. Keep up the good work. I like this package I'm buying [Dataware Game Pack]. Has all my old favorites in one."
-- Jonesville, North Carolina, USA

"I would like to thank you for including a new section of quests (for Quest Creator) on your website. You really are a fine company, and it makes me happy that I could do business with you in the past and in the future as well."
-- Seattle, Washington, USA

"Dataware is a very well done company. I love your games, your quality service and how much you appreciate and respect your customers. Keep up the good work and I can't wait for more releases; Winged Warrior IV and Fire Fighter in particular."
-- Longview, Texas, USA

"Thanks for the excellent service! (Imagine a thumbs up symbol here.)"
-- Frankfurt, Germany

"I greatly appreciate your attention to customer satisfaction. Thank you once again for the best experience I've had so far when purchasing software on the Web or otherwise."
-- Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA

"Really appreciate knowing [about the free software replacement policy]! Makes purchasing from you a great bonus. I'll be sure to let my game groups know about Dataware's generous policy and how well it treats its customers. Just fantastic. Many, many thanks."
-- South Pasadena, California, USA

"I really like your games, as they are easy, yet fun to play. My favourite game that you have made would have to be the Winged Warrior series. I hope you make more RPG games soon. Thanks for the cool games!"
-- Wanganui, New Zealand

"The Coloring Book programs are the best. My granddaughter age 5 has I, II and III and really enjoys all of them."
-- Lubbock, Texas, USA

"I must admit as a novice user of the Internet, I was very concerned about the net. But Dataware has provided me with free backup and help, so I will use them again. Very trustworthy and helpful. No complaints, only praise."
-- Portsmouth, England

"I enjoy the Colouring Books very much."
-- Tumba, Stockholm, Sweden

"I stumbled upon your web site a little while ago, and I love it. You have games that no one else has. I especially love the Winged Warrior series. Now your web site is listed in my favorites and I will keep coming back."
-- Long Island, New York, USA

"Happy tenth anniversary to a company with great customer service. I am in love with the Winged Warrior and QuadQuest series. My only regret is that they are only computer games. I wish I could slip the games into my Gameboy so that I could take them everywhere with me. Best of luck in the future!"
-- New York, New York, USA

"I just want to wish Dataware Games a happy 10th birthday. I don't know exactly when it is, but I know it is in 2004."
-- Elkin, North Carolina, USA

"Checkbook really has made it so easy to keep my account and balancing a checkbook has never been so easy. I would and have recommended this program to a lot of people. I love it. Makes my banking so much easier."
-- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

"I just wanted to say that I LOVE your games. Winged Warrior was my first RPG, and it is still one of my favorites. I hope you bring back some of your old classics, like you did with Supernova and Letter Drop. Thanks for all the fun!"
-- Barberton, Ohio, USA

"You guys are just the greatest! I will certainly recommend you to my friends. I have told 5 people all ready how great you guys are. In this day and age when everyone is out only to make a buck, it's so nice to see customer service comes first somewhere."
-- Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

"[Quest Creator] is a great game that has provided me with many hours of entertainment."
-- Groveland, New York, USA

"Hey... I just wanted to let you know that at first I thought Quest Creator was just a cutesy thing, something I'd delete before long. But despite its cutesy-ness, it has real depth and since I like creating dungeons and adventures way more than playing them, your game is great. Sincerely... I'm having a great time (and I'm a "fully grown" adult)."
-- Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

"I really thought [Quest Creator] would lose its appeal after a couple of months, but I still play it, and I still make my own little quests to try to solve, over and over again."
-- Gulfport, Mississippi, USA

"Other checkbook software that I've tried has proven to be so bulky and awkward to use that I've always returned to the old paper, pencil, and calculator. The Dataware Checkbook is trim, quick, and incredibly efficient. Thanks for a great product and a wonderful customer service!"
-- Kingsville, Texas, USA

"Congratulations for having come up with exceptionally good games for such a small size, and keep up the good work. I like your game Modern Warfare very much. I wish you would create more games like Modern Warfare."
-- Bangalore, India

"Love your Modern Warfare. Nice clean interface, easy to play. I just think that with the complexity of the games nowadays it's nice to see a war strategy game you can get up to speed with in minutes not days (I say this from a programmer's point of view)."
-- Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

"I would just like to say that I have the complete versions of WW I-III, Modern Warfare, Quest Creator, AND Fantasy Chess, and I LOVE THEM!!! I play them more than I play NBA Live 2003! I can't wait for WW IV, MW II, and QC II!! LONG LIVE DATAWAREGAMES!!!!"
-- Elkin, North Carolina, USA

"Checkbook seems to work to spec and fills an important link in this old timer's ability to continue to handle his affairs. At age eighty nine and with poor eyesight I make a lot of errors in my checkbook and have been looking for just such a simple, small program to keep me from adding 2+2 and getting 5."
-- Roslyn Harbor, New York, USA

"Hi! datawaregames!!! I really enjoy playing your games, especially the Winged Warrior series! I hope you make more fun games!!! Thank you!!"
-- Wanganui, New Zealand

"Kindly accept my heartiest appreciation for bringing out a wonderful Coloring Book. My daughter likes it very much. It is the SIMPLICITY of the GUI that has made your software more easy when compared to other coloring books. Keep it up!"
-- Chennai, India

"My children have learned more than coloring skills with Coloring Book. They have gained a better understanding of the use of our computer as well. Keep up the great work."
-- Valencia, California, USA

"Modern Warfare reminds me of the old Sun Tzu game and Quest Creator is a lot like the first adventure game I ever played - back in the days when my computer was the 16k Atari, complete with the membrane keyboard. These games are better, of course, but remind me of those I enjoyed a long time ago."
-- Phoenix, Arizona, USA

"I am very pleased with your service and Coloring Books. They are great for my granddaughter! My granddaughter Gabby spends many hours coloring these pictures and I always know what she is doing by the sounds. I also have your checkbook and have been very pleased with it also. It makes keeping my checkbook balanced a breeze."
-- Salem, Virginia, USA

"My 5 year old niece, Georgia, loves the Colouring Book and takes great delight in printing out her pictures and handing them out to everyone."
-- Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

"I have referred your company to several of my friends who have young children. My 4 year old nephew will sit and entertain himself for hours using the Coloring Books. They are great."
-- Wetumpka, Alabama, USA

"My 4 year old still prefers your products to ALL of the 10-15 commercial kids progs on her PC. Long live shareware!"
-- Augusta, Georgia, USA

"Hi! I'd just like to say that I think Modern Warfare is EXCELLENT! I ordered it last week, and I've played it every day since. As a longtime fan of the "Panzer General" series of games, this game is in the same genre -- easy to get into, TOUGH to stop playing. I see on the Dataware website that a MW II is in production! Please keep me informed, as I will most certainly buy this game the day it is available! Keep up the good work, and thanks for a great game."
-- Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania, USA

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