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Maze Book Series

"Maze Book was a little hard for our children to master. Even our 5 year-old had to think his way through the medium level difficulty setting. Despite this, the "easy" level was perfect for him and his younger sisters (4 year-old twins).
     This game teaches how to use the keyboard, arrow keys, and basic logic and reasoning. I would recommend it to any parent who wished his/her child to learn important thinking skills at an early age. In a way, this game could provide a gentle introduction to some of the skills and logic puzzles brought forth in the "Winged Warrior" series of family games. I recommend doing a little teaching or helping the first time the child plays the game. Other than that, the beautiful music and cartoon-like flowers, rocks, stones and etc. can keep your child occupied for hours."
-- Tukwila, Washington, USA

"My six year old daughter loves Maze Book! The clean, colorful graphics combined with a very engaging musical background make Maze Book a very compelling game to play. Solving mazes encourages logical problem solving as well as spatial reasoning. And the adjustable complexity of the mazes ensures the replayability of the game."
-- Whitby, Ontario, Canada

"My 4-year old grandson loves the Maze Book. We are practicing signs (American Sign Language) for the direction he needs to go. I love it because it gives us a chance to practice signs he needs to learn. Thank you."
-- Richmond, Texas, USA

"Like all Dataware products, Maze Book was a big hit in my house. Both of my children, ages 7 and 10, have played it non-stop since we downloaded it!"
-- Ridgefield, Connecticut, USA

"The Maze Book has been a wonderful surprise. All four of my computer-literate grandchildren have played with it. The youngest is only four but she has practiced diligently and now can do even the hard level mazes!"
-- Williamsville, New York, USA

"I originally bought this game for my son to learn how to use the keyboard. He's only 2-1/2 but he has shown an interest in the PC since he was very young.
     The great thing about the game is it allows him unlimited time to move the avatar around the maze and there are no "baddies" on the screen to make him rush.
     He's already moved onto the medium mazes and as well as having mastered the cursor keys, his problem solving skills are also improving all the time as he now looks at where each pathway will lead before making his decision.
     For me, the game provides excellent value for money (when purchased as part of the full package for $39.95) and is a much more gratifying experience for my son than any of the free mazes we have tried on the internet."
-- Blackburn, Lancashire, England

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-- Your town, Somewhere

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