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If you would like to write a review of Checkbook or Checkbook for Flash Drives, please send your review along with your place of residence to reviews@datawaregames.com. Thank you!

Checkbook & Checkbook for Flash Drives

"Checkbook is particularly useful for me as I am legally blind. I can't use even a large print check register. Thanks to special software I use to access my computer, your simple and practical checkbook app is invaluable."
-- Bothell, Washington, USA

"In 3 evenings I was able to balance 17 months of my checkbook. It is incredibly easy to use! THANK YOU!"
-- Richland, Washington, USA

"This is the most user-friendly checkbook program I've used."
-- Pequannock, New Jersey, USA

"I just wanted to let you know that I have been using your Checkbook software since 2008 and I love it. I just downloaded the Thumb Drive software for the Checkbook and although I haven't gotten the complete version yet, the trial works great.. Thank you for making such a great product."
-- Hilton, New York, USA

"I have purchased your Checkbook and used it for some time and have even had to replace it a few times. Your responses have always been prompt and courteous and your Checkbook is as good as any I've seen. It's basic, simple and most of all, accurate. I recommend it to family, friends and anyone in need of a top quality computerized Checkbook register."
-- Owasso, Oklahoma, USA

"Your software is outstanding. I have used Microsoft Money in the past, and to be honest, your software is easier to use and just as good as Microsoft's."
-- Wichita Falls, Texas, USA

"Thank You… Thank You… Thank you… At last an easy way to balance my checkbook. Best value on the market."
-- Fairfield, Pennsylvania, USA

"I absolutely love your Checkbook program. My mathematical skills are oftentimes lacking due to sloppiness on my part. With the Checkbook program, I don't bother with my register which a lot of the times contains my adding/subtraction errors. I highly recommend the program."
-- Woburn, Massachusetts, USA

"At first, I had skepticism for this program, because I believed there really is no way to have fun managing my money. Unlike the more complicated and expensive programs, Checkbook is simple and light. Checkbook allowed me to organize my checks and cash, use correct adding and subtracting and use the new "Reconcile" tool that helps incorporate dividends and other things into the final process of balancing.
     I could not get along without this program, but I recommend getting the full version because everybody should have at least two or more accounts at the bank (i.e. Save!, IRA, retirement, CD's and whatever you might have). Unlike other Dataware programs, Checkbook is simply not complete in its shareware edition. It doesn't get along very well without the printer, and the extra nine accounts. The full version and its functionality truly make this the best financial choice among many others.
     I really liked this program because it was easy and it worked well. I recommend it to anybody who has a bank account and wants to keep track of it."
-- Seattle, Washington, USA

"Thanks for developing a small, compact check program that is simple to use. It compares to the same thing you get in the higher priced Office suites that takes up more space and are over-priced."
-- Lexington, Alabama, USA

"Just had a bounce charge fee of $69.00 from my bank this October. I decided to buy your program, Checkbook and made a promise that I would never again bounce my account. Amazingly now, I feel a sense of security that I know exactly how poor or (not so) rich I actually am. Never again will I allow myself to throw bounce fees to the hands of the bank. This time, I keep the money I work for. I appreciate it very much and thanks for helping this 30-year-old get his crap together."
-- Palm Springs, California, USA

"I'd just like to confirm that Version 2.03 is the latest and greatest version of Checkbook... Thank you for a piece of software that makes an often tedious task, simple..."
-- Killeen, Texas, USA

"Your checkbook is the greatest. My checkbook is now a breeze instead of a hassle. I recommend it to all. Love your customer service and support. Keep up the good work."
-- Los Angeles, California, USA

"Your Checkbook register is everything you say it is... simple, yet functional, I use it and love it and have recommended it to family and friends."
-- Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

"All I can say is that Checkbook is one, if not the best, on the market... It's very simple to use and isn't complex. I give it five stars..."
-- Killeen, Texas, USA

"I purchased Checkbook from Dataware and I love it. I was horrible at balancing my checkbook. Now it's all done in minutes. I'd be lost without it today. Thanks Dataware."
-- Fernley, Nevada, USA

" have used your Checkbook program now for about one and a half years. It is easy to use and does just what I need. I recently lost all of my programs because my browser web page was hijacked. Your people helped me get Checkbook program reinstalled. Thank you very much."
-- Titusville, Florida, USA

"I love the ease of the Checkbook software. I have found that it is very helpful to me, as I have to manage 3 different accounts."
-- Panama City, Florida, USA

"I have the Checkbook and I think it's great. It is simple and effective."
-- Byron, Georgia, USA

"My husband and I were constantly making mistakes (sometimes costly ones) when we balanced our checkbook. This program was the answer to our prayers. It has been such a blessing. It was very easy to learn to operate and setup an account. I now feel more organized and it's much easier to find and fix mistakes. It also takes much less time to balance our checkbook when the statement comes in. Again, this program is wonderful!"
-- Poplarville, Mississippi, USA

"Your Checkbook program is the best! It is simple and takes the guesswork out of keeping my account in balance. I go to my bank website and have the online data at my fingertips while I have my Dataware Checkbook open to balance. It takes a minute or two every morning ----- no more missed checks or ATM purchases. I recommend this super simple program to everyone!!!!!"
-- Tampa, Florida, USA

"Add your review. Send it to reviews@datawaregames.com."
-- Your town, Somewhere

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