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Fantasy Chess

"The new "Fantasy Chess" game has changed strikingly from its original, two-color version. The new version has smiling and happy chess pieces and the overall look of the chessboard is colorful and very interesting. The new music is much better and is a positive background for the nature of a fantasy game (it could be used for a future version of QuadQuest). The new character sets are extremely well-done with completely new images with shading and facial expressions. The new shading of the sprites is no substitute for color. The newly crafted pieces are many times cramped and hindered by the artist's inability to use anything besides black and white on the pieces. This causes the game to appear somewhat drab as did the first game. At any rate, the characters in Mythical #1 are vastly more ghostly in the second version than in the first that only has an off-white color for characters.
     The best (I liked it) new feature is an old feature: the "Custom" character setting allows the player to assign whatever character he/she wishes to any role in the game and it is possible to create a unique "chess army" of selected animals and monsters and set them against another totally unique chess set. This a great saving point to the game. It means that a pawn could be a skeleton, while the king of the same army could be a whale, phoenix, or even a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Since the pieces and their functions are interchangeable, the game is difficult at first and requires a great deal of imagination as well as a curious, playful mind."
-- Seattle, Washington, USA

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