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If you would like to write a review of Credit Card Manager or Credit Card Manager for Flash Drives, please send your review along with your place of residence to reviews@datawaregames.com. Thank you!

Credit Card Manager & Credit Card Manager for Flash Drives

"In Credit Card Manager, the shareware version only comes with one account and is "fully functional" as long as only one card is possessed by the user (an ideal reality). In any case the program covers the most important issues for each card.
     Many folks carry three to even four credit cards with them and each one has separate balances and credit limits (and lines of credit). Credit Card does a wonderful job of organizing things. Bonus miles, free gasoline rewards, fees and various charges are handled well by the "R" reconcile function that Dataware used in "Checkbook." CCM goes one step further and allows the simple and easy organization of several cards and their credit limits and balances.
     In all other ways, this program is a quintessential product of Dataware: simple, easy, functional and fun. Just as in QuadQuest and Winged Warrior, where there is a simplified and yet thorough battle method, Credit Card manager does its job without pain or confusion. There is a solution to every confusing problem that a Credit card account can pose. Dataware leaves the complex stuff to the other programs. Thanks, Dataware, for another useful and straightforward product!"
-- Seattle, Washington, USA

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